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Accessories and your new CDI Furler

Here at we want to make sure you are equipped with everything you need to have an amazing time sailing.

With your new CDI Furler we have some fantastic accessories that can really enhance your experience. In this article we will discuss some of our top recommendations!

Deck Hardware Kit
Our deck hardware kits include all the hardware you need to install and run your furling line. Our kits include premium quality hardware from Viadana, such as stanchion mountable blocks, single blocks, stainless steel padeyes and our custom stanchion mountable cleat.
2 different kits are available, with different sized furling line depending on your furler model.
Our kits are put together so that they work with a wide variety of boat models, and are completely flexible so that you can set your boat up just how you want it.

Genoa Sleeve
The genoa sleeve is one of our top recommendations. With your new CDI furler, you will be running your headsail off of the internal halyard that comes with the system. This leaves the headsail halyard on your boat completely free. The genoa sleeve can be set up to run on this halyard, which means that you do not need to install sacrificial UV protection on your headsail! The biggest advantage of this is the huge weight savings on your sail, which gives you greatly increased sail performance.

Spinnaker Sock

A spinnaker sock is the perfect tool for managing your spinnaker. With the large size of most spinnakers, it can be a real chore to manage while sailing. The spinnaker sock takes care of this.
With a reinforced plastic ring at the bottom, the spinnaker sock can be lowered over an unruly spinnaker without snagging or getting caught. This will snuff your spinnaker and allow you to pull it in.


Spinnaker Tacker

The spinnaker tacker works to keep your spinnaker close to the centerline of your boat. It does this by sliding overtop of your furled headsail allowing you to adjust the tacker along your downhaul and tack line as you need.
The tacker will also allow you to fly your symmetrical spinnaker similar to an asymmetrical spinnaker, running without a spinnaker pole.


Lazy Cradle

The lazy cradle is a fantastic sail management and storage tool. This allows you to easily lower the halyard and allow the sail to flake between your lazy jacks. There is a high quality YKK zipper running up the length of the bag so it can be closed for long term storage, keeping your mainsail safe from the elements.