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Frequently Asked Questions

The CDI Flexible Furler is a furling system designed for the vast majority of sailors who are primarily cruisers or daysailers. This system is reliable, solidly built, and comes with an unbelievably comprehensive warranty.

The CDI Flexible Furler is suitable for use on daysailers, offshore passage makers, monohulls, and multihulls. It is used by production boat builders and is great as a retrofit. The flexible luff extrusion makes it the best choice for trailerables. This makes it a versatile furling system that can be used on different types of boats.
Whether large or small, your cruising boat or daysailer should have a furling system. Going forward on any size boat is potentially wet and often dangerous, particularly if your crew is inexperienced. Changing sails as the wind comes up is not a lot of fun! The Flexible Furler can be used to both furl and reef your sail in any wind condition. This makes it a safer and more convenient option for sailors.
CDI has eliminated expensive features only hard-core racers demand, thereby increasing the system’s reliability while lowering the cost. This means that the Flexible Furler is a cost-effective option for sailors who do not want to spend a lot of time and money buying or maintaining their equipment. The system’s reliability is backed up by the fact that 100% of Flexible Furler owners surveyed by Practical Sailor would buy their Flexible Furler again if they had the choice.

Get Your Furl On and Let's Set Sail

CDI furlers are a must have for a smooth sailing experience. Treat your sailboat (and yourself) to the luxury it deserves.
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Sailing With Ease and Confidence

For over 40 years sailors around the world have trusted CDI with their sailboat furling systems.


With CDI’s patented Flexible Furler technology sailing has advanced. CDI’s Furlers are safer, easier, and more reliable systems that allow sailors to do what they do best – sail the open water.

Made to last products

Our bearing assembly uses 1/2” ball-bearings which reduce friction when furling your sail and are capable of rolling over any dirt or sand.

Easy Installation

Designed to be installed over your existing stay, cutting in half the installation

Weather resistant

Our patented one-piece, UV stabilized PVC luff extrusion is stiff for better reefing and furling but flexible enough for trailering.


The Flexible Furler has 1/8 the number of parts of competitive systems and is the easiest to install, operate and maintain. Plus, the Flexible Furler is backed by an unequaled warranty.