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Which Bearing option should I choose?

CDI Flexible Furler FF4 Installed on Boat

Which Bearing option should i choose?

For the CDI FF1, FF2, FF4, and FF6 you have the option of upgrading to Torlon Ball Bearings. There are many reasons you could want to go with the ball bearings, let’s explore those!

Smoother, easier furling

One of the main advantages of upgrading is that it provides a smoother and easier furling experience. The ball bearings roll smoothly and reduce friction, which means you’ll require less effort to furl your sail, making the process much more comfortable and efficient.

Less stress on your furler and rig

The upgrade to ball bearings means there’s less stress on your furler and rig. The bearings reduce the load and tension on the furling drum, making it easier for the furling line to move smoothly. As a result, the system experiences less wear and tear over time, which means it will last longer and require fewer repairs.

Much easier operation under load

The upgraded ball bearings make for much easier operation under load. When you’re under sail and require furling or reefing, the furling line experiences high tension, which can make it difficult to furl or unfurl your sail. With the ball bearings, the furling drum turns smoothly, and the furling line moves with less resistance, making it easier to furl or reef even under heavy loads.

We highly recommend that any client who finds themselves sailing in high wind situations upgrades to the ball bearings. If you find yourself in an emergency situation needing to reef or even fully pull in your sail, the ball bearings will help make that smooth and safe!

The CDI Ball Bearing is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. There is absolutely no lubricants required! We simply recommend rinsing the bearing with fresh water at the end of your sailing season.