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Trailering your boat with a CDI Flexible Furler Installed


Your new CDI Flexible Furler is a fantastic choice if you find yourself trailering your boat. There are a few things to keep in mind when you do put your boat on a trailer with a CDI Flexible Furler installed.

The first thing you should note is that your forestay, including your assembled CDI Flexible Furler, is longer than your mast. When trailering with your mast lowered, this means that your drum is likely hanging over the end of the mast.
This can cause your luff extrusion to bend, over time this bend will become permanent and you will have to purchase a new luff extrusion.

In order to prevent this you can either strap a board to the bottom end of the mast so it sticks out long enough for the drum to sit on top of, or you can detach the forestay at the top of the mast and line the bottom of the drum up with the bottom of the mast. Since the top of the CDI Flexible Furler is much lighter than the bottom it is easier to support.

The second thing you must take care of is your luff extrusion. Take care to strap the luff extrusion flat to your mast so that it does not bend or twist. We recommend using more straps than may be necessary to be extra sure it does not move and shift.

Once you do get the boat to where it is stored, it is recommended to remove the foil from the mast and lay it down completely flat and out of the elements.