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Using a Genoa Sleeve with your CDI Furler


When would I use a Genoa Sleeve with my CDI Furler?

Whether you have converted your hank on headsail to a furling headsail and want to save the weight addition of the UV, or you need a storage solution for your new race sails, we have a solution for you!
A huge advantage of your new CDI Flexible Furler is the internal halyard. Not only does this eliminate the possibility of halyard wrap, it also frees up your rig’s existing halyard for a genoa sleeve!

Benefits of Using a Genoa Sleeve with a CDI Flexible Furler

There are a few main benefits to using a genoa sleeve with your CDI Furler.

1) Increased Sail Performance

One huge advantage of using a genoa sleeve with your CDI Furler, is
that you can forgo the sacrificial UV protection on the sail. The great
thing about this is you save a ton of weight on the sail! This will
allow your sail designer to maximize the performance of the sail.

2) Sail Protection and Longevity
Keeping your sail completely protected from UV rays while not in use is going to greatly increase the lifespan of your sail!

The genoa sleeve will also keep the sail safe and protected while furled
and not sailing. Our genoa sleeves come equipped with a lashing system
that will protect it from being damaged or blown open in high wind

In Summary

Using a Genoa sleeve with a CDI furler can make your sailing experience more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. The sleeve helps to protect the sail from the elements, reduce wear and tear, and maintain the sail’s performance long term by protecting the sail from damaging UV rays. Installing a Genoa sleeve is a simple process that can be done by anyone, and it is a perfect fit for your CDI furler! If you’re looking for a way to enhance your sailing experience, consider using a Genoa sleeve with a CDI furler.