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Measuring for a CDI Flexible Furler

CDI Flexible furler FF2 model

Measuring before purchasing your new CDI Flexible Furler.

To ensure you purchase the correct model to fit your boat/rig. There are three things we need to measure. First is the pin to pin length of your forestay. We have a helpful instructional video on how to get this measurement below!

The steps are quite simple.


The pin to pin length of your forestay

If your forestay is disconnected from the boat:
1) Lay the forestay out flat
2) Measure from the mast pin at the top of the forstay all the way down to the T-Bolt at the bottom of the turnbuckle*
3) Check your manual to make any deductions required for installation

*If you need to undo the turnbuckle to take the forestay off the rig we highly recommend marking the correct turnbuckle position with a sharpie for easy reinstallation.

If your forestay is connected to the boat:

1) Attach the end of your tape measure to your headsail halyard

2) Hoist the tape all the way up, until it stops on it’s own

3) Take the measurement from your tape. This will get us close to the correct forestay measurement
4) Now we must step back with the tape still hoisted, and look at the distance from the top of the tape, to the forestay pin. Take your best estimate, and add that measurement to the measurement we got from the hoisted tape measure. This is our forestay length.
5) Check your manual to make any deductions required for the installation of your furler.


The diameter of your forestay wire

To measure your forestay wire all you need to do is line calipers up with the thickest point of the wire on each side, and record the measurement from your caliper.


The diameter of the turnbuckle pin

To measure the diameter of your turnbuckle pin, simply use your calipers at the thickest part of the thread.