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CDI FF7 Parts List

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Manual Reference #DescriptionPart Number
1Halyard Top Fitting Assembly2056
2Halyard Assembly, 5/32″ wire x 49′ w/ traveler, shackle and nicropress eye1001
3Luff ExtrusionLFF7
4Spool Assembly1917
6Luff Support Pin1865
7Anchor Pin1936
7aAnchor Shackle1935
7bTack Downhaul Block2066
8Tack Downhaul Line, 5/32″ x 12′
9Cup, stainless steel1805
10Ball BearingBB7
11Antirotation Strap1074

Showing 1–4 of 12 results

Showing 1–4 of 12 results

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CDI Furler installed on the bow of a boat. Sail is furled with UV protection coiled to protect the sail from the sun.