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1. Not All Sailboats Come With A Furling System

In many cases, older sailboats are not equipped with a furling system for either their headsail, mainsail, or both, from manufacturing. This creates a tedious and lengthy process of setting up and taking down your sails frequently.


2. If Your Boat Was Manufactured With A Furling System

That’s great! The downside of the furling systems used from factory is that they are typically greatly out-dated and possibly worn-out. This results in a process that becomes a hassle while sailing due to it being clunky and prone to jamming.

3. Get More Time On The Water

Unfortunately, in both of these scenarios, a lot of sailors are finding that the hassle is taking some of the enjoyment out of sailing and limiting the amount of time that they spend on the water.

Time Consuming

If your sailboat does not have a furling system, or an outdated one, the time spent dealing with your sails during setup and take-down, or during changing wind conditions is exponentially longer that you would with a furling system.

Safety Concerns

During wet and windy conditions, going forward on your boat can be very dangerous to your crew, no matter the experience. When you are equipped with furling systems, the furler can be used to both furl and reef your sail in any wind condition, from the safety of the cabin. This makes it a safer and more convenient option for sailors.

There is a Furler For You!

CDI Furlers are suitable for use on daysailers, weekend warriors, and live-aboard cruisers. The flexible luff extrusion makes it the best choice for trailerables. This makes it a versatile furling system that can be used on different types of boats.


Your Source For Parts and Hardware

Furlers get used heavily and experience severe weather which means they occasionally require maintenance and possibly even a replacement part. We make sure to carry any parts or hardware you will need to get your CDI furler back to its former glory!

CDI Flexible Furler FF1

Which Furler Do I have?

Do you already have a CDI Flexible Furler but you’re not sure which one?
Don’t worry! Here at we have a full suite of replacement parts for all CDI Furlers. Click below for help finding the right parts for you!

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