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where our mission is to provide reliable and innovative sailing solutions to our customers. We are proud to introduce you to our dedicated team of experts who are passionate about sailing and committed to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service.

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Darryl Hodgson

Darryl has spent more time than he can remember on the water; from early years sailing with his family, to an exciting career helping boaters of all kinds in the Canadian Coast Guard. He has spent over a decade as the owner and operator of a well known company in the marine industry, building on his passion for helping everyone that he can to share in his enthusiasm for being on the water.

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Ron McInnis

Ron grew up in Ontario, Canada where he spent summers on Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Ontario windsurfing, sailing on Hobie Cats and getting addicted to all things wind powered. Ron has spent most of his career in sales and is always thinking of creative ways to help out his customers. Currently the director of sales for a large sailmaker, he is excited to be working with us here at to bring you exceptional, informative, customer focused services.

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Andreas Zobolas

Andreas is the Design Director for a large sail loft. He has nearly a decade of sail design experience and is our in house expert for all our questions about sails. Originally from Greece, Andreas' family moved to Sidney, British Columbia when he was young. After graduating from culinary school and studying graphic design, he took over his family business. When presented with the opportunity for a change he began designing sails and has not looked back.

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Laura Pettinger

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Laura grew up right next to the Pacific ocean and hasn't left. Laura has been working in customer service for 4 years and is just as excited to help out customers as she is to be a part of the CDI Furler team. Laura will be supporting customers with their shipping and logistic needs.

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Trevor Parks

Trevor grew up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He started his career in a big box retail environment, eventually becoming the customer service manager for a large store. After spending some time in the automotive industry he transitioned into the marine industry, with the same focus, providing outstanding customer service to his clients. Here at Trevor is available to help you with any questions so you can feel confident in your decision to purchase with us.

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